This is the Republican Delegate Count

I'm going to try to keep track of the Republican delegate count. I'm choosing only the Republican race because the nominee for the Democrats is a foregone conclusion. There are other parties but they have a variety of methods for choosing their nomination.

Four years ago I tried to keep track myself and found it a daunting task. Different news organizations had different counts and I finally had to settle on one source. This year I'm choosing several sources and will keep track of what they report. Hopefully that will make it more accurate.

There are 2286 delegates who will vote in the convention this summer; that means the nominee needs 1144 to win.

Newt GingrichRon PaulMitt RomneyRick Santorum
CBS News12845645252
New York Times13551658281
Tea Party Cheer15372662266
Wall Street Journal13551658281

Last update: April 6thtom

As you can see it's not an easy answer keeping track of the delegates. As well as I can, I'll update the table after each primary. I won't keep track of candidates who drop out. If there are other outlets that also keep track of delegates, let me know.