How Do You Like My New Look?

I’ve been talking about this for a while, but I finally made the leap to my new page. My friend from church Chip is hosting this page. Now you can respond to my posts and tell the world what you think. It’s a little scary: up to now I’ve been able to live with the illusion that scores of people are reading my blog. Now if I’ve been posting for months and nobody is responding, I’ll have to face the bitter reality that I’m really just talking to myself. So at the risk of sounding desperate, please respond and tell me what you think.

One thought on “How Do You Like My New Look?

  1. Never underestimate the value of clearly expressing your mind, heart and soul, regardless of who’s reading. I think there’s big value in the very act of creation, of just speaking these words. I like to think each sentence adds to the goodness and light of the world, like little points of light or bright little soul bricks in the wall of truth. Great if people gather, but maybe that’s a bonus, not the main prize…

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