No, No, I'll Put the Leftovers Away!

This is a little macabre, but maybe I’ve become a little hardened after working with hospice. The Associated Press this morning is reporting on a story from Verviers, Belgium. It seems that Didier Charron was hosting a dinner party. He is known for his temper and a few weeks earlier his wife had asked for a divorce. After dinner was over one of the guests went downstairs to put the leftovers in the freezer and found the body of his wife and stepson there. For me this raises a few questions:

      What exactly did he serve for dinner? I hope it wasn’t meatloaf.
      Why did he let someone else help with the cleanup?
      Didn’t anyone notice that the rest of his family wasn’t there?
      And finally, what exactly is the proper thing to do when you find two bodies in somoene else’s freezer?

At this point I think Mr. Charron needs to plead guilty and throw himself on the mercy of the court. The next owner of the house should also get a new freezer.

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