Housekeeping on My Candidates List

As in 2008 I’m attempting to keep an accurate list of the men and women running for President in 2012. It’s not an easy task as I wish to go beyond the candidates who have enough money and media exposure to be household names (quick, name anyone other than President Obama running for the Democratic nomination). It’s hard sometimes to tell who is really running; many of the candidates I have listed appear to have put up a web page and don’t do anything else. From time to time I click on the pages to see if anyone has dropped out; they almost never say they do and I’m left to wonder.

Tonight I randomly clicked on the page for independent candidate Rajesh Raghavan. His page on blogspot has been removed. I looked to see if perhaps he has moved his page and I haven’t found anything. There is a page connected with the Federal Election Commission; it tracks the money to his campaign. As I write this he has raised $550 (of which $500 is from him) and has spent $347 leaving him a balance of $203. Presumably most of the $347 was the blogspot post.

From time to time a candidate googles himself and finds my page and contacts me. This has already happened with one candidate. If you are connected with Mr. Raghavan’s campaign, let me know what to do with my list. As for now I’m removing it.

2 thoughts on “Housekeeping on My Candidates List

  1. Hello Tom Allain,

    As you know from your list of Candidates for the Presidential in 2012 that I am a Candidate, filed as a Democrat. Thanks for posting your list of Candidates, those known (popular) and unknown (unpopular), as the Media usually sticks to the known Candidates, but I believe that all Candidates regardless should be listed.

    At this time, it looks like the Democratic Party will be only nominating our current President Barack Obama, and that decision will be regardless of wherever his rating of popularity levels are at, and therefore this plan will leave all of us “other” Democratic Candidates out of the picture. In any event, I plan to be a “Write-In” Candidate for citizens in whatever States that I will be allowed to do so, and of course I won’t be able to win as a “Write-In” in only some of the States, but nonetheless, I want to remain an option for those citizens who are unhappy with all the “popular” Candidates that are presented thus far as a choice. Any Democratic Citizen who believes that I will be hurting or taking away any votes from President Obama by being a Write-In, can rest easy, as I’m not a threat to him, because anyone who decides to be writing my name in on the Ballot as their Vote will not be planning to vote for him in the first place. Anyway, thanks for including me on your list of Candidates, and I plan to stay in the race up until the end, as best I can. Have a great day. I’m also on Facebook and I have a YouTube video out as well.

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