The Trump Chronicles, Volume 30: Massive Voter Fraud is a Myth

Several times this week President Trump has claimed he lost the popular vote because of voter fraud. In my last post I spoke about how his press secretary claimed Mr. Trump “has believed that for a while based on studies and information he has.”

But Mr. Spicer didn’t elaborate on the source of the studies and information. Today Mr. Trump tweeted that a man named Gregg Phillips makes these claims.

But today Chris Cuomo interviewed him on CNN where he refused to reveal any proof of his claim that 3,000,000 non-citizens voted in the election.

In addition there was talk that uncounted people registered in different states (and presumably voted in both places); Mr. Trump tweeted that out Wednesday morning. But that was quickly debunked. It’s true that many people are registered in different states, but that’s because when people move they often neglect to notify their local registration board. Interestingly enough Mr. Trump’s advisor Steve Bannon is registered in New York and Florida and Mr. Trump’s daughter Tiffany is registered in Pennsylvania and New York. I guess voter fraud begins at home.

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