The Trump Chronicles, Volume 39: Amateur Hour Part 1

President Trump and his administration have famously bragged about their lack of experience in government. His supporters think this is good, but it’s not. Public service brings with it tremendous responsibilities that this administration does not care to honor.

But unfortunately they are also slow to understand that they need to follow the law, even laws they’re not aware of. Yesterday Kellyanne Conway appeared on Faux News and was asked about Nordstrom’s decision to stop carrying Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. Never passing a chance to play the victim, Ms. Conway responded by encouraging viewers to buy Ms. Trump’s merchandise.

That’s illegal. The Office of Government Ethics clearly prohibits a federal employee from using his or her office to promote private gain. Clearly she did this. Rules like this are in place to prevent federal employees from profiting either themselves or someone else. This opens her to a charge that she did this to curry favor with her boss (President Trump).

I am the son of a retired federal employee and the brother of a current one. I can’t count how many other current or present federal employees I know. And the all, they all, recognize that they may not use their influence to do anything other than serve the American people.

So once again the Trump administration has shown us their contempt for our laws and the Constitution he promised to defend. Only 1368 days left until the next election.

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