The Trump Chronicles, Volume 49: Guess Who He Wants To Deport Now

President Trump’s immigration stance has struck many of us as heartless and problematic. This past weekend we found out just how heartless it can be.

In an article in the San Diego Union Tribune, we learned that Mr. Trump has now turned his sights on family members of active duty service men and women.

As Mr. Trump is finding out, immigration policy (like health care) is a complex series of issues, and that’s why his January 27th plan met with such opposition.

The Union Tribune article, excellently written by Nathan Fletcher, tells us that in 2013 the Department of Defense made a formal request to the Department of Homeland Security asking that undocumented parents, spouses, and children of active duty service members not be deported. DHS issued a policy memorandum called “Parole in Place” and did not include family members who committed crimes. In other words, if your child, spouse, or parent is an active duty service member (and you don’t commit a crime) you need not fear being deported.

And more to the point, if you are that active duty service member you can concentrate on your mission (to protect our safety) without worrying about your loved one being deported.

But the Trump administration has removed that protection. We can’t know if this was deliberate or careless, but it doesn’t matter. People who deserve protection can no longer count on it.

Mr. Trump, I call on you to make America great by allowing our brave men and women in uniform to concentrate on their mission. Because in the final word, they are making us great.

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