The Trump Chronicles, Volume 135: Words Matter Mr. President. Your Words Matter

In a previous post I lamented the fact that President Trump shows little or no respect for his office, and does not see himself as a public servant but instead as the undisputed head of the United States

Time and again he has shown recklessness and a lack of sensitivity, but in the last few weeks he has reached a new level. We recently learned that in July the President spoke with the President of Ukraine and many of us heard that our President held up aid that Ukraine needs until they investigate charges of corruption by Joe and Hunter Biden.

As I said a last week this renewed calls for the President to be impeached and removed from office (you can read this here).

We’ve come to expect irresponsible rhetoric from him, as when he referred to the free press as the “Enemy of the People.”

But he called those who gave information to the whistleblower “almost a spy.” He demands to know the identity of this person for a confrontation. He has accused California Representative Adam Schiff of treason.

But a few days later the President ratcheted up to an even more dangerous level. Last weekend he read that evangelical pastor and Fox News contributor Robert Jeffress suggested that if the President were impeached and removed from office it would lead to “a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.” It was irresponsible for the pastor, but much worse when the President retweeted it.

It’s well known that the President isn’t a student of history, but those of us who are find this chilling. At the end of the Civil War when the Confederates surrendered at Appomattox Court House there was talk that instead of laying down their guns, the Confederate Army should “head for the hills” and begin a guerilla war that would make Union occupation impossible. Confederate General Robert E. Lee stopped it. You can read an excellent article here.

Simply put, our President feels that anyone who opposes him is a traitor and those who support him should take up arms. Already this is being taken up by armed militias.

We are a nation that cares deeply for our future, being led by a man who cares only for himself.

4 thoughts on “The Trump Chronicles, Volume 135: Words Matter Mr. President. Your Words Matter

    • Excellent article Chris. I recommend everyone read it. And thanks, Chris for reading my blog and commenting on it. This is exactly what I wanted when I began writing it.

  1. There are many who do not feel as you do. I would rather be dead than live in a Socialist country. I have relatives in Canada who have died waiting for care for over two years with cancer. And friends in Venezuela who have died in the last year with the madness going on there. I hope and pray that it doesn’t come to another Civil War, but the rhetoric on both sides gets pretty frightening. I am planning to leave the state I was born in because it is a Blue State and I can’t stand living here anymore. I am tired of losing my rights and freedoms on both the state and federal level. Eight years of Obama did that to me. Trump is far from perfect, but he has done many good things for my family and many of my friends that are able to live better because of the changes he has made. The Press is no longer free… there are very few places where you can get the truth anymore and I am sick of hearing the whining on most of the news channels/networks. I also do not like the things said by the left about the family of the President. If anyone did that about Obama and his family we would probably be in jail. I think there is much the public does not know about what is really going on in Washington (on both sides of the political aisle)… but when Joe Biden’s son gets a job for 50K a month with no experience in the industry while his father is in office and someone is conveniently fired at Joe Biden’s request or suggestion… it is very suspicious. A president should be able to talk to other world leaders in private at times. How is this any different than when Obama told Putin that he would be able to talk more freely after the election or when Hillary said regarding Bengazi “What does it matter now ?” We who study history should be the ones who light the way to the millions who either were never taught it or ignored it. We should be the ones who try to have meaningful dialogue whether we agree or not. The Civil War was a horrible blight on our nation, but both sides had done egregious things to the people who did the hard work (not the elites, bosses, or Corporate CEO’s of the day). When you speak as you do, are you not igniting the fire, rather than helping someone to understand your unique point of view ? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” (Jesus of Nazareth)

    • Thank you for reading my blog and responding. And now, let me respond.

      Canada has single payer health insurance but it’s not socialized medicine. If it were doctors would be government employees and they’re not. You can read more about it here.

      If you want to move from a blue state to a red state, you can certainly do that. But recognize that you’re making a blue state bluer and a red state redder.

      I often hear people complain that they’ve lost rights under President Obama but they never seem to give examples. As for me, I find my rights are just fine. I’m also curious how the President can take away state rights.

      President Obama’s children generally got a bye from the press and I think that was good. But they were children, and of President Trump’s 5 children, 4 are adults (and I think his youngest child gets the same bye as President Obama’s daughters). I think the rules are different with adults.

      Hunter Biden served on the board of a natural gas company in Ukraine. From all that I’ve read, he was asked to join the board as a way of raising its international reputation. As to the $50,000 per month, the gas company must have thought it was worth it. For all the noise in the last few weeks, there’s been no indication of even a whiff of impropriety.

      Finally, I hope I’m not igniting a fire (though I’m touched you think my blog is powerful enough to do so). I don’t know who wrote this, but I love it: A learned man (or woman) brings more light than heat to a discussion.

      Again, thanks for writing.

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