Yosemite Not In The Rear View Mirror

Normally at this time of year we travel to Yosemite for their Chef’s Holidays. Last year they cancelled the Chef’s Holidays and the Ahwahnee’s dining room. We elected not to go as we would have to eat boxed meals in our room. This year Chef’s Holidays were also cancelled but we had more options for eating and we decided to go.

When we travel we have two of Nancy’s siblings spend the night at our home to care for Nancy’s father. But one of Nancy’s siblings were exposed to COVID and nobody felt safe possibly exposing Al to COVID on the eve of his 103rd birthday. Instead of a 6 day trip to Yosemite we elected instead a 3 day trip to Los Angeles and it went well.

In the last several years we’ve been looking for an opportunity to visit the J. Paul Getty Museum. It was well worth the trip, if a little overwhelming. My only complaint was the promise they made about having an EV charging station. The web page says you can recharge your car in the parking lot and they have about 10 stations. But you have to download an app on your phone and since the spaces in the underground parking lot, my phone had no service and we weren’t able to charge my Honda Clarity. It would help if you could download the app on your phone before you arrive at the museum. That said it was a day well spent.

The next day we visited the Los Angeles Zoo and it was also great. We try to visit zoos in every city we visit and we’ve been to the LA Zoo several times. Nearly every exhibit had a tribute to Betty White, a picture with her and the animals she cared for so deeply. We enjoy speaking with the zookeepers but when we tell them we’re from San Diego many of them will apologize that their zoo isn’t as good as ours. I have to confess that this makes me crazy because each zoo we visit has its own strengths. We’re not looking for the biggest nor can we judge the best. But it’s fun to see a different zoo. By the way, they don’t advertise this but they have free charging stations and we were able to plug in my Clarity.

Finally, on the way home we stopped by Calvary Cemetery and Nancy was able to lay flowers on the graves of her paternal grandparents, Paul Graff (1882-1967) and Theresa Sailer Graff (1893-1978).

Hopefully we’ll see Yosemite soon and Chef’s Holidays will return in 2023.

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