The Democratic Covention: It's a Good Listen

I’m writing this just after listening to Hillary Clinton speak at the Democratic Convention. There’s no shortage of cynicism about these conventions and how they are tightly scripted for television. No argument. But I love these things because it’s a good place to hear good oratory. This says a great deal about my past as a priest but I love the power of the spoken word and there’s nothing like a good sermon or speech to stir my blood.

It was four years ago at the 2004 Democratic Convention that I first heard Barack Obama speak and I still have that speech on my iPod. When I heard him speak I knew someday I’d vote for him for President and four years later I will. There are a number of reasons I support him, but his ability to speak and inspire is certainly among the top reasons.

He has yet to speak at this convention but the speeches I’ve heard so far continue to inspire me. I appreciate that Hillary made a point of saying that she will vote for Barack.

Enough for now.

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