End of a Month of Celebration

Almost everyone knows that I love Thanksgiving. I like the fact that while it’s a civil holiday, most people think of it in at least partly religious terms. I like that it doesn’t cause the problems of specifically religious holidays (e.g. Christmas). I also like the idea of taking a time to specifically look at those people and things we are grateful for.

Thanksgiving was fun, but the real celebration was the wedding of my nephew Nathan to Makayla Nadeau. I can safely say that if it weren’t for their wedding there would be no way we’d go to Newport, Rhode Island in November. It goes without saying but it was a magical weekend. I’m Nathan’s godfather and as a priest I gave him his 1st Communion; I was also touched to be asked to participate in part of the wedding ceremony. Rev. Dan Hopkins presided and did all the legal stuff, but I treasure my part in it.

Nancy and I flew into New York City and we were able to spend time with our niece Katie and her boyfriend David. I’ll confess that I like NYC better and Nancy does, but it was great.

We took the train from Penn Station to Providence, RI. It came a month after peak foliage but it was a beautiful ride nonetheless. I love San Diego and will never move but I do miss the East Coast from time to time and it was nice to experience it from sea level.

Nathan and Makayla, Nancy and I wish you as happy a marriage as ours.

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