The Trump Chronicles Volume 12: No Mr. Trump, Russia's Intrusion Is a Big Deal

Yesterday I wrote about how Mr. Trump doesn’t feel he needs to work hard at the job he’s about to assume. In the last few days we’ve learned how serious this can be.

Almost everyone I know who didn’t support Mr. Trump, and even some who did, felt uncomfortable with his admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin. As a matter of fact, we understand Mr. Trump is considering nominating Rex Tillerson for the post of Secretary of State.

Mr. Tillerson currently runs Exxon-Mobile and bring no experience in diplomacy. But he is the 2013 recipient of the Order of Friendship from Mr. Putin.

Mr. Trump hasn’t nominated anyone yet, and there is reason to believe that Mr. Tillerson may have trouble getting confirmed.

But it’s worth noting that Mr. Tillerson is not being looked at because of his experience in diplomacy or his depth of knowledge of foreign governments. He is an expert in only two things: running a multi-national oil company and impressing Vladimir Putin.

I’ll be writing more about Russia and its interference in our election in the next few days. Stay tuned.

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