The Trump Chronicles Volume 13: Mr. Trump, Intelligence Matters

In my previous post I spoke about the fact that hackers in Russia hacked into several databases in the United States in the countdown to the election.

So here’s what we know (much taken from this article):

  • We’ve known since November that the email server of the DNC and the private gmail account of John Podesta (Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager) were hacked by the Russians and leaked by WikiLeaks.
  • The CIA has concluded that the Russians did this to sway the election of Mr. Trump.
  • The Russians also hacked in the RNC but did not release that information
  • It’s no secret that Russian President Vladimir Putin would rather deal with President Trump than President Hillary Clinton.

And so how does Mr. Trump respond to this? He dismissed them. His reasoning? Good question.

He provides no reason except that he doesn’t believe our intelligence community. This raises an alarming reality: his decisions aren’t based on reason but “how he feels.” Or, perhaps, something worse.

The evidence shows that his presidency begins with less than 50% of the popular vote. Now we understand that a minority of that popular vote may have been influenced by a foreign president who recognized an opportunity to choose “his candidate.”

Mr. Trump claims to desire a better relationship with Mr. Putin. But if Mr. Putin’s view of world domination is correct, he doesn’t want Mr. Trump to be a partner, but instead a lapdog.

In other words, Mr. Putin sees Mr. Trump as a useful idiot.

Mr. Trump, you’ve already told us that you don’t need daily briefings and you’re smarter than the Generals about Isis. Please give us evidence that you’re not a useful idiot.

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