The Trump Chronicles, Volume 27: OK, President Trump: We're Keeping Score

Dear President Trump:

Ok, today is your day. I’ve been following your campaign since you announced it. Three weeks later I first mentioned you in my blog.

Since then many of us have watched in horror as all our predictions of your demise didn’t happen. We’ve believed all along that your success in turning this presidential election into a reality program reflected the worst of who we are as Americans.

And yes, we’ve recognized that large numbers of us have found the American dream out of reach, but we believe the cause isn’t immigrants or President Obama but the greed exhibited by you and the other other 1%.

And so we’re going to keep score. Today, the first day of your administration, we’re marking where we are. I begin with an excellent article on National Public Radio.

So here goes:

If you follow your playbook up to now you’ll blame your troubles on “fake news” or nearly anyone other than yourself. But here’s the problem: after winning America’s ultimate reality show, you now have to govern.

But the clock starts now and you can’t deny these numbers.

The American People

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