Is This What A Peaceful Election Looks Like?

Two years after every Presidential election we have another one where we choose all 435 members of the House of Representatives, 33 (or 34) members of the Senate, and a host of state governors. These elections are newsworthy but don’t garner the attention (or votes) that we see for a Presidential election.

But many of us feared this one for a few reasons:

I spoke in my last post about how Republicans expected a “red wave.” It didn’t happen, though it appears they will have a razor thin majority in the House.

This has been well documented but in 2020 President Trump loudly and consistently announced that he won the election and it was stolen from him. This was clearly untrue but he’s never seen the truth as an obstacle. In this election he handpicked several candidates for different offices. He demanded only loyalty and instructed them to refuse to accept defeat. Fortunately they didn’t follow his lead and many who loss did indeed concede.

The January 7th attempted coup d’etat clearly emboldened Trump supporters. Many of us feared they would use intimidation and threats of violence to suppress voter turnout. I’m not sure why but they didn’t.

Related to this I haven’t found widespread calls that the 2022 election was fraudulent. I’m pleased but a little puzzled.

Yesterday Mr. Trump announced he will run again in 2024. I’m a good 18 months from starting the Election 2024 Chronicles but it appears the groundwork is being laid.

Fasten your seatbelts. This will prove to be a rocky ride.

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