The Election Chronicles Volume 14: And Now There are Fourteen.

Most of us who are following the Republican Primary believe the field should winnow. Today Bobby Jindal announced he is suspending his campaign. He’s had a hard time gaining traction. His popularity never broke above 2% and he never made the leap to the “adult table” in the Republican debates.

Nearly all the members of the Republican herd feel that the crown will eventually be placed on his (or her) head. They feel that their opponents will implode and the Democrats will self destruct and all Americans will see him or her as the only logical candidate.

Nobody can predict the next 11 months but I think Bobby’s exit doesn’t make much of a difference. I’m guessing that none of the remaining candidates will seek Bobby’s endorsement simply because he holds no power.

Bobby is a good man and a good American, but there is no way he would have made a good president.

The Election 2016 Chronicles Volume 13: Donald Trump's Operation Wetback: He's Still At It

Ever since he began his presidential campaign Donald Trump has made xenophobia a cornerstone of his platform. He famously promised to build a wall along the entire US/Mexican border and send them the bill.

More recently he’s spoken about mass deportations of undocumented workers and families. Nobody knows how many there are, but most think it’s somewhere around 11 million men, women, and children. He justifies this by claiming it’s been done before, and done successfully.

As with many things Trump, he gets many of the details wrong and is vague on how he will accomplish it.

There was a program in 1954 called “Operation Wetback” that intended to deport large numbers of Mexicans in this country. Many of them came to the United States in the 1940s as part of the bracero program to fill agricultural jobs left vacant by U.S. forces fighting World War II. After the war ended the GI’s came back home and had to compete for jobs with the braceros.

It’s not hard to see where this went. The Mexicans, who were once needed, were now expendable and they were deported.

In an NPR interview, Alfonso Aguilar of the American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership provided some facts. He said this: “The Eisenhower mass deportation policy was tragic. Human rights were violated. People were removed to distant locations without food and water. There were many deaths, unnecessary deaths. Sometimes even U.S. citizens of Hispanic origin, of Mexican origin, were removed. It was a travesty. It was terrible. Immigrants were humiliated. So to say that’s a success story, it’s ridiculous. It shows that Mr. Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Even given this, he gives few details on how he will deport 11 million people. In a CNN article he explains that he will build a “deportation force” and they will do it humanely in 18 to 24 months. But NBC claims it will cost us between $100 and $200 billion dollars.

OK so assuming that he’s right, what’s the result? He and most of his fellow Republicans complain about the size of government and the national debt and yet he favors this expenditure. Interestingly enough we currently spend $76 billion on food stamps to ensure that nobody starves.

He also claims that deporting these 11 million will free up jobs for Americans. And so I ask you: how many of us are willing to pick crops, wash dishes, and mow lawns for minimum wage? I know I won’t.

I’ve spoken on this topic before but I’ll say it again: we all benefit because our ancestors did the jobs nobody else wanted. The people Donald wants to deport are the parents and grandparents of Americans who will lead our country in the last half of the 21st Century and the first half of the 22nd. They will make us proud.

The Election 2016 Chronicles Volume 12: My Attempt to Keep Up With the Candidates

Every four years I attempt (with limited success) to provide a list of candidates for President. In previous years I’ve listed them on the left column of this page, but that has become unwieldy. You see, I don’t just want to list those candidates who make it to the TV debates. Our democratic system allows nearly anyone who is 35 years old and was born in this country to run.

I don’t want to list only those who “everyone believes” will win. This year I found so many candidates that I’ve created a page for all those I’ve found who are running. You can also access this page on the left column.

I have to confess that I do have some conditions for including candidates. If you (or someone you support) is running and is not listed, please let me know and I’ll consider including that person.

In the meantime let us celebrate the fact that we choose our leaders.